My Family Portfolio

How do I work?

I like to keep my sessions as relaxed as possible. We'll have music going, we'll take our time (taking regular breaks) and just have a really serene experience. I know what you're thinking. A calm experience photographing kids? You've got to be joking?! It really is all in the planning, I will guide you though how to prepare for your shoot so when it comes to the day, you know everything is in hand and you can just enjoy it. I keep in regular communication with my families from the moment the book so I can get to know your family and tailor your session to you.

My style?

Intimate, authentic and warm. Those are 3 words that come to mind when trying to sum up my editing style. I want my images to be timeless, for people to be as starstruck by them in 50 years time as they are now. You'll notice I hone in on the emotion and connection happening within a scene and using my editing to really draw those feelings out. Every single image is hand-edited, the tones and light carefully managed to create beautiful works of art. My images are created to leave a lasting impact and take you back to a single moment every time you flick through them.