Carly & Adam's joyful Berwick Lodge wedding

Step into the heartwarming world of Carly and Adam's wedding at Berwick Lodge in Bristol, a venue that holds a special place in my heart as it was where I exchanged my own vows. Their journey mirrored mine, even down to the same bridal store for Carly's dress. Let's relive this extraordinary day, where rain turned to sunshine and love overflowed.

A Bristol Love Story: Carly & Adam's Berwick Lodge Wedding:

Berwick Lodge in Bristol served as the enchanting backdrop for Carly and Adam's nuptials, a venue that holds sentimental significance for me as well. The serendipitous connection didn't stop there – Carly's wedding dress, like mine, was from Clifton Brides. Despite a forecast of rain, the skies cleared just as they said "I do," blessing their day with radiant sunshine and a golden hour that marked the perfect finale.

A Day of Relaxed Joy: Friends, Family, and Lawn Games:

Carly and Adam's wedding day was a celebration of love and connection. Surrounded by friends and family, the atmosphere was one of joy and relaxation. The couple thoughtfully organized lawn games, and an events team kept the children entertained throughout. Laughter and love filled the air, reflecting the essence of their journey and their desire to share this cherished day with those who mattered most.

A Meaningful Ceremony: A Family United:

Emotions ran high during the heartfelt ceremony, which featured their sons playing a special role. The exchange of vows became a testament to not only Carly and Adam's love but also the beautiful union of their family. Against the backdrop of lush grounds and blooming flowers, every moment was a reminder of the profound love that binds them together.

Capturing Moments of Beauty: Flowers, Portraits, and Confetti:

The grounds of Berwick Lodge provided a picturesque canvas for capturing the couple's love. Flowers adorned every corner, offering stunning backdrops for intimate couple portraits. The use of confetti bombs added an element of whimsy to the already magical day, resulting in epic confetti shots that captured the essence of celebration and joy.

A Symphony of Speeches: Laughter, Cheekiness, and Love:

The speeches at Carly and Adam's reception were a beautiful blend of emotions. Laughter and cheekiness punctuated heartfelt remembrances of loved ones who couldn't be present. The stories shared became a symphony of love, binding everyone present in the couple's journey. It was a poignant reminder that weddings are not only about the couple but also the tapestry of connections they've woven.

A Bittersweet Farewell: Cherishing the Memories:

As their wedding day came to a close, Carly and Adam left an indelible mark on all who were fortunate enough to be part of their celebration. Their genuine kindness and love for each other were palpable, making it a day that will linger in memory. As their photographer, I'll forever cherish the privilege of capturing their remarkable journey.