Enchanting Rustic Romance at Curradine Barns: Rosie & James' Picturesque Wedding

Nestled in the heart of Worcestershire, Curradine Barns stands as a picturesque haven for couples seeking a blend of rustic charm and romantic allure for their wedding day. With sweeping green landscapes and rolling hills, this venue offers a dreamy backdrop that's both laid-back and elegant. Join us as we delve into the enchanting celebration of Rosie and James, capturing every moment against this idyllic setting.

A Rustic Oasis Amidst Nature's Splendor:

Curradine Barns, a gem of Worcestershire, is the quintessential canvas for couples yearning for a rustic and romantic wedding. Embraced by lush greenery and rolling hills, this venue sets the stage for a day steeped in natural beauty. Its charm lies in the perfect harmony of countryside serenity and refined elegance, making it a coveted choice for couples seeking an authentic yet classy celebration.

Unveiling the Celebration: Festive Receptions and Secret Gardens:

Amidst joyous celebrations, guests reveled in the lush surroundings of Curradine Barns, soaking in the festivities and sipping beverages as we captured Rosie and James' formal portraits. A hidden treasure awaited—a secret garden providing a secluded space for family photos. The Barley barn, a personal favorite, exuded radiance through its expansive windows, providing a luminous backdrop for timeless photos.

Personal Touches: A Reflection of Rosie & James:

Rosie and James transformed their wedding into a true reflection of their unique love story. From a whimsical Rosie and Jim puppet centerpiece to the thoughtful offering of Limoncello for toasting speeches and their marriage, every detail was infused with their spirit. Curradine Barns became the stage where their individuality blossomed into a harmonious celebration.

Dance of Joy: The Night Unveils:

The dance floor radiated with joy as guests of all ages embraced the rhythm of the evening. The lively energy, particularly from the exuberant children, elevated the atmosphere and set the stage for a night of merriment. The echoes of laughter and the pulsating beats of the band underscored a heartwarming celebration that blended romance, elegance, and unbridled happiness.


Styling: The Wedding House

Cake: Wedding Cakes by Karen

Dress: Perfections Bridal Studio