Maternity Session in Worcester

Why should I have a maternity shoot?

When you find out your pregnant, booking a maternity shoot may well fall to the bottom of your list. I understand. You're preparing to grow your family, your body is changing every day (sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it), and you're not even sure what they're about. I felt the same when I was pregnant with daughter. I felt really body conscious and I almost wanted to have the baby to hide behind when we had family photos. Wrong decision.

You will only be pregnant for a very short time in your life but you will be a parent, forever. Your body will bloom and change, you will hold your child inside you only for 9 months and then, they're forever independent from you and that connection changes. I love to capture maternity because I want women to see how BEAUTIFUL they are. Even if they don't feel it at the time, I know for a fact when this stage has come and gone they'll long to remember their bump and those days filled with excitement and anticipation. I want to capture the start of that incredible bond, that journey, that will continue through your lives.

Based in the West Midlands, we're so lucky to have incredible landscapes around us and I love nothing more than to shoot maternity shoots in nature. There's something so primal, so natural about pregnancy and what better way is there to showcase that connection than by capturing mamas in nature. The wind, the ancient trees, the wildlife, it all encapsulates your story so well. So here's a Worcester mama in her final trimester, taking in those final days with just bump and her.