Garden Wedding in West Midlands

Garden weddings are becoming huge in the wedding circuit and following the pandemic, they've really had a boom in popularity. Not only are they cheaper, but you can fully tailor your wedding to your own tastes choosing everything from the type of marquee you'd like, to the backdrops you'd want to have in your photos. If you have the space, if your home is somewhere special to you - why not! Or if you prefer, you can rent a garden space to create the same vibe.

I attended P&H's wedding as a second shooter for Laura Jayne Photography and as such, got to spend a lot of time with the groomsmen at the groom's home in Severn Stoke where the wedding was taking place. That said, the church where P&H got married was right next to the bride's house so she could literally walk over, so it was all very local!

The groom used his Dad's beloved cars for their arrival and exit to the church, and his sister flowered the wedding herself. The marquee chosen also had lots of transparent panels to let the views of the Malvern Hills in which was so beautiful, even though it was an overcast day.

Basically, when it comes to garden weddings, it's all about the details. They may not seem to matter a whole lot individually, but as a collective when you enter a space, they really do give the WOW factor!