Meet Grace

Oh hey, I didn't see you there!

(No really, I didn't. This is a website.)

My name is Grace and that handsome chap in the photo, is my hubby Matt. We've been married for two years, we have one baby, one cavapoo puppy and a lot of fish. We're big on animals, did I mention that?

Our relationship moved insanely fast. We met at work as Project Managers, were friends for a couple of years whilst we were circulating the Tinder scene and then one winter evening, I decided Matt was the man for me. That was it, I went over to his house for a spag bowl, and bam - I confessed my undying love and after a bit of shell shock from Matt's part, we went for it and we're still going strong.

I was a tad impatient when it came to getting engaged (aren't we all?) and actually started planning our wedding BEFORE I had a ring on my finger. Keen to marry in 2020, we'd booked the venue, florist and photographer before Matt had had a chance to go down on one knee! Two weeks after we'd signed our venue contracts though, Matt took us to place we had our first proper date, and asked me to marry him beside a waterfall in Wales. A year after we married we moved cities, got pregnant and started new jobs. It was all a huge whirlwind and right in the middle of a global pandemic too!

How did you get into weddings?

I've always been the girl with the camera. I know that sounds cliché but I actually was. Just take a look through my photo albums from school, every single image was taken by me on my hot pink Sony Cybershot. In my twenties, I upgraded to my first DSLR camera when I got into food blogging. I'd go around to different spots in Bristol, write a blog with some photos and share that on my social media. It was a great way to get to know the city more but it was always a side gig of mine.

When we started talking about getting engaged, that's when things ramped up a gear and I started looking into wedding photographers. I actually booked a photographer for a couple shoot, hoping Matt would propose to me during the session (he obviously knew what I was up to and purposefully didn't!). That couple shoot though, was a lightbulb moment for me. The photos had caught Matt and I in a whole new light, they were romantic and fun and stunningly beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at them and thinking about the experience we'd had. I wanted more.

To get practicing I asked everyone I knew to step in front of my camera - collages, friends, family. I learnt a LOT in the process and whilst it cringes me to see those photos now, I enjoyed every minute of the process. Fast forward a global pandemic and I had my little girl Ellie. I knew when she was born, maternity leave wasn't for me so I picked up the camera again and started shooting families. I was back with a new sense of purpose and energy. I thrived off the experiences I had with others, from the connections I got to bear witness too. It was a full on, fast paced environment but I was completely and utterly in love with it.

I love that photography gives me the freedom to run my own business as I see fit. That I can work around my little family as it grows and build such incredible personal relationships with my couples and families. Every day I wake up energised to work because I ADORE every part of it. The fact that my photography business is my sole career now is just incredible and I'm so grateful for the families and couples who are such a huge part of it.

A few things I love

  • Love Island, MAFs, Love is Blind - you name it I've binged it
  • Being outside, we love our family walks and exploring new places
  • The Dog House (channel 4) will make any day feel a million times better
  • Musical Theatre (I cry every time)
  • A fancy cocktail
  • Docuseries about cults (fascinating!)
  • Food, eating out is my favourite thing